So far, microprobes from the TeraSpike product series have been solely designed for THz detection or generation purposes. The new TeraSpike probe TD-800-TR.5 comes with a pair of closely spaced photoconductive THz antennas. While one antenna is used as a THz pulse generator, the other antenna works as the detector. 

The TR.5 is the first TeraSpike mircoprobe enabling reflection-mode measurements in the near-field of arbitrary objects. The slim transceiver probe is taking advantage of Protemics proprietary “wave-trap” design for the suppression of probe-internal reflection signals as well as the XR-type flexible PET cantilever design for increased mechanical robustness and hassle free measurements in close distances to the device under test.

In contrast to standard reflection-mode approaches based on far-field emitter/detector components the new near-field transceiver enables access to sub-wavelength-resolution and shortest THz transmissions paths. It´s ideally suited for high-resolution non-destructive testing applications at large, complex or THz opaque structures such as solar cells, plastic parts with buried laser welds, fiber-reinforced materials, etc..

The TeraSpike TD-800-TR.5 is available as of now. For more information please click here