Protemics is the first company offering low noise current amplifier solutions especially optimized for THz time-domain spectrocopy applications. Our amplifiers are featuring specific interfaces and functions usually not found in general purpose amplifiers but needed in most THz TDS measurement set-ups. Further customizations are possible on request.

TS companion2

The new TeraSpike Companion is the first low-noise amplifier specially designed and optimized for THz time-domain spectroscopy applications based on photoconductive detectors and emitters - including of course also the full line of Protemics TeraSpike (TS) microprobes. In contrast to conventional current amplifiers, the TS Companion offers important additional functions that are typically required for THz-TDS-related tasks, including e.g. connections for Tx and Rx devices, an optical alignment mode, a switchable bias function for all inputs as well as a fully electronic control for system integration. A fine selection of amplification in steps of a fifth of a decade is included for optimal utilization of the maximum possible signal-to-noise ratio in any THz system. As required for operation with fast-scanning THz TDS modules (e.g. TeraFlash Pro, Toptica), it also offers a comfortable bandwidth reserve that ensures unadulterated THz signal detection up to the highest amplification range.

Key features:
  • Two input channels
  • Optical alignment & THz detection mode
  • Gain variable in 0.2x10x steps
  • 40 kHz bandwidth at every gain value
  • Local and remote control options
Applications e.g.:
  • Protemics near-field probe operation including transceiver, emitter or detector probes
  • General THz photo-conductive antenna operation
 Model LNA-40k-8E8 
 Trans-impedance gain [V/A]*  1 x 106… 8 x 108 , switchable in steps of 0.2 x 10x
 3-dB-Bandwidth [kHz]*  40, for all gain settings. Switchable to 0.4
 Amplifier output voltage [V]  ±12
 Output impedance  Open
 Max. output current [mA]  ±40
 External bias supply for THz device inputs  ±12 V, max. 120 mA
 Indicator LED  On: Overload, Off: Normal operation
Power supply voltage ±5 V… ±14 V (max.), ±12 V (recommended)
Power supply current Typ. ±30 mA
Operating temperature range 0 .. 70°C
Cabinet size [mm] 80 x 71 x 24
Weight [g] 120

 *Customizable on request

Gain spectrum:

TSC spectrum

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LNA with switchbox 800

Manual Control Plug (MCP)