Our brochure contains examples and more detailed information about our microprobe- and system-specifications.

Brochure tag s  Products: Protemics_Product_Brochure.pdf
Presentation  Introduction: Protemics_Introduction.pdf
Guideline for thin-film (e.g. Graphene) analysis services: 
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Applications notes:

Our applications notes booklets give detailed information about how to implement the TeraSpike microprobes or the subsystems into existing THz-Time-Domain Setups.

App notes tag s  TeraSpike: Application_Notes_TeraSpike.pdf
 TeraBlast: Application_Notes_TeraBlast.pdf
Low-noise amplifier: TeraSpike_Companion_Manual.pdf
 Sub-System D-B1: Application_Notes_D-B1.pdf
 Sub-System D-B2: Application_Notes_D-B2.pdf