Our scanning system solutions are the ideal modular platform for THz near-field imaging applications of any kind. All system components are optimized for the utilization of TeraSpike microprobes at maxmimum performance.

Standard scanning system configurations may be combined with a suitable laser systems on customer side or can be extended with a new laser source for optical excitation.

Scanning systems are designed for applications such as:  

  • THz Metamaterial research and sensing application
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
  • Sheet resistance imaging
  • Graphene analysis
  • THz device characterization
  • Microstructure analysis
  • Non-destructive testing


TeraCube Scientific

THz near-field scanning system

The TeraCube Scientific is a fully automated THz near-field scanning system to be operated in an optical laboratory surrounding. It can be driven by an existing fs-laser source with suitable specifications or extended with a new laser source. The system enables time-domain measurements of THz field distributions in a controlled distance of a sample surface. The system provides broadband THz pulse excitation and transmission through planar samples as well as spatially and temporally resolved detection of the transmitted pulses in the surface near-field using Protemics proprietary TeraSpike near-field microprobes.

Key features:
  • High-speed data acquisition for continuous move scanning through synchronized motion-control and real-time position detection
  • Optical sample topography detection for adaptive THz surface scanning at constant microprobe/surface-distance on structured or bended samples
  • Linear polarized and rotatable THz emitter for polarization-dependent measurements
  • High performance THz emitter/detector components plus high dynamic range Lock-in detection for outstanding signal quality
  • Integrated CCD camera module for monitoring of microprobe tip and sample position
  • System control and measurement automation software with easy to operate graphic user interface readily installed on included PC unit
  • Software-implemented alignment monitoring function and system health check electronics
  • Software assisted microprobe-tip to sample surface approximation
  • Time-domain signal preview mode for fast optical alignment alignment
  • Data-export as plain-text or Matlab-compatible format
  • System housing for laser and dust protection
  • Open extendable lab-type system platform


Technical Specifications
 Type TeraCube Scientific
 Spectral range 0.05 - 3 THz
 Maximum sample size (x, y, z) 20 cm, 20 cm, 1 cm
 Maximum scanning speed (x, y) without load 200 mm/s
 Min. scanning time per pixel 10 ms
 Maximum scanning range (x, y, z) 18 cm, 18 cm, 3 mm
 Time-domain scanning range width 1000 ps
 Time-domain step resolution (dt) 6.6 fs
 Min. bi-directional repeatability (x, y, z) +-0.1 µm, +-0.1 µm, +-0.15 µm
 Min. step resolution (dx, dy, dz) 0.1 µm, 0.1 µm, 0.15 µm
Installation requirements

Vibration-damped optical table with 1.5 m x 1m x 1m of space for system placement
Laser laboratory specification of class 3R or higher

fs-Laser requirements

Center wavelength: 770 nm ... 820 nm
Repetition rate f: 10 MHz ... 1 GHz
Avg. optical power P: 60 mW ... 1.5 W
Pulse duration: < 150 fs

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