The standard design of the TeraSpike probe is optimized for highest spatial resolution, lowest field invasiveness and highest sensitivity. This is achieved through the free-standing semiconductor-based cantilever microstructure containing the active field sensor elements. The mechanical robustness of this standard design matches the requirements of long-term application in well controlled and automated systems such as the TeraCube Scientific allowing also pointed sample contact.

For application in rougher environments or where the sample distance is more difficult to control the new XR-design is an excellent choice with drastically further increased mechanical robustness combined with only low reduction of spatial resolution and sensitivity.

Comparison of cross-section designs - Standard vs. XR-option:

XR design

Time- and frequency-domain response - Standard vs. XR-option:

 XR TD FD data


The XR-option is currently available for the following x- and z-field sensitive TeraSpike probes:

  • TeraSpike TD-800-X-HR-WT-XR
  • TeraSpike TD-800-Z-WT-XR

If you are interested in an XR-option for other TeraSpike models, please contact us.