Starter-Kit white 2

This kit is the ideal solution to start with. It includes the following components:

  • TeraSpike microprobe from the X- or Z-series.
  • TeraSpike phantom (dummy device)
  • TS cable connection (SMP to SMA)
  • SMA to BNC adapter
  • Mount and post

With this set the orientation of the mounted TeraSpike microprobe can be freely chosen as required by the application. The use of the dummy device TeraSpike Phantom - as included in the starter kit -  is recommended during all mechanical set-up and construction works because the risk of an uncontrolled mechanical impact during such processes can be easily avoided. Each microprobe is delivered in a robust transport and storage box.

Each probe is individually tested and comes with a manual & test certificate. For more information please refer to our product brochure (2 MB PDF-file) and take a look into our FAQ section.