Schottky-diode-based active 3D near-field detection

The GigaSpike field probe series features low-invasive micro-antenna structures with integrated Zero-Bias Schottky-diodes for the active measurement of 3D field amplitude distributions. GigaSpike probes are offered for the frequency range from 25 GHz to 330 GHz. Thanks to their low-invasiveness they allow field measurements in close proximity to a device under test with only a minimal amount of back-scattering of the probed field and parasitic coupling effects. The GigaSpike probe is hence an ideal device for 3D vector field amplitude or power density measurements in the far- and near-field regions of millimeter-wave emitters, such as 5G Wigig antenna arrays. They can also be used to measure the radiation profile of photo-conductive Terahertz emitters.  

Standard models

Frequency range

GS-28-XYZ 25 .. 32 GHz
GS-60-XYZ   56 .. 70 GHz
GS-285-X 250 .. 330 GHz


Customized probes for other frequency ranges are available on request.


GS 60 XYZ a label

Mounting scheme 600

Response curve

Probe response curve: DC output voltage versus high-frequency E-field amplitude strength.

Technical specifications:

GigaSpike GS-60-XYZ

Min .. Max

Frequency range 56 .. 70 GHz
Power density range 0.005 .. 200 µW/mm2
DC output voltage range 0.1 mV .. 1100 mV
Responsivity 5500 .. 20000 Vmm2/W


GigaSpike technical information download.

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