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The new TeraSpike model TR.5 comes with a pair of closely spaced photoconductive THz antennas offering new means for high-performance near-field measurements in reflection-mode. While one antenna is used as a radiation pulse generator, the other antenna is used as the detector. The slim transceiver probe is taking advantage of Protemics´ proprietary “wave-trap” design for the suppression of probe-internal reflection signals as well as the XR-type flexible PET cantilever design for increased mechanical robustness. In contrast to standard reflection-mode approaches based on far-field emitter/detector components the new near-field transceiver probe provides access to sub-wavelength-resolution and shortest THz transmissions paths.

Microprobe antenna design:

Antenna designs TxRx


Technical specifications:
Type -TR.5
 Dark current @ 1 V Bias < 1.5 nA
 Photocurrent @ 1 V Bias > 0.5 µA
 Excitation wavelength 700 .. 860 nm
 Average excitation power 0.1 .. 4 mW
 Connection type 2x SMP


Each probe is individually tested and comes with manual and test certificate. For more information please refer to our product brochure (2 MB PDF-file) and take a look into our FAQ section.